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Striving for success in the future holds the dream -- congratulations to the 6th session of the 6th session of the people's congress and the success of the second session of the sixth session of the CPPCC.
Publisth Date:2018-01-23 Views:158

 On January 15, 2018-17, yantai laishan district the sixth session of the second session of the people's congress, the Chinese people's political consultative conference in the second session of the sixth yantai laishan district committee party school victory, the student services centre


2017 will roar, and 2018 will come.
The yantai people's congress and the laishan district people's political consultative conference.
Student service center of the party school of laishan district.
One after another.
The honors are as follows:

Today, let's look at the students' service center of laishan party school in the eyes of the delegates.

Laishan district committee party school students service center is located in the "lai shan street, covers an area of 65 mu, building area of 22470 square meters, the existing 150 guest rooms with various types, there are 20 to 300 people meeting rooms more than 20, can accommodate 450 people dining at the same time, suitable for all kinds of meetings and training activities.


Laishan district party school student service center for you.
Build your meetings.

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