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"Master" is called "master" is the fate of a lifetime!
Publisth Date:2018-01-13 Views:158

In order to better spreading \"master train an apprentice\" good tradition, create a good learning atmosphere, the hotel has for years been pursuing master train an apprentice. And earlier this year to carry out the management inter-departmental \"master train an apprentice\" activity. January 11-12, hotel management personnel in the bar \"master train an apprentice\" skills contest show activities, inspection DaiTu effect.

As the saying goes, "the master takes the door, and the practice depends on the individual."
Training depends on the master, but more on his own.
I usually work hard, and my accumulated skills are my own.
This is what the master can't teach you,
Master is just giving you the best.
A good disciple,
A disciple who can truly "get out" and make the master proud.
Must be a person who can solve problems independently at work.
And to get rid of the "dependence" on the master,
Then the apprentice must form himself in the work:
Correct awareness and good habits;
Let's witness the new strength of phoenix mountain hotel.


Tea art show
Teacher: wang fuyan apprentice: wang xiao.
Shifu: wang xiangdan.
Master Chen huiyun: zhang xin.

Coffee production
Master: wang yongsheng: li qiangmei.

Hotel service etiquette
Master: liu wanpeng disciple: zhu jinjun.

Teacher: bing hao.

Rooms for room
Master: liu wei-zhen's apprentice: wang weiyan.
Teacher: zhang xiuing: zhou junying.

Flower arranging
Master: liu yue.


The restaurant service
Teacher: zhang caixia apprentice: li hongjing.
Master: xin aijing: ding lina.
Master: wang lu: han xu.
Shifu: xu yongcui's disciple: sun han jing.


Hot food
Master: xu Ming's apprentice: nie meiyan.
Shifu: jiang linghui's apprentice: zhang xiaojing.
Master: wang zhifu: song xiaoping.
Master: Mr. Wang yuanguang: lu shilei.

Cold dishes
Teacher: zhang dong disciple: han peng xiang.

The master taught you,
Only the digestion and absorption of itself,
That's really my own thing,
No one can take it away.
Instead of relying on others to do things,
Better to keep your feet on the ground.

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