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to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival special activities do you have moon cakes, memories of the old handmade moon cake remember?
Publisth Date:2017-08-25 Views:158
With the improvement of people's living standard, the style and taste of moon cakes are upgrading. But how many people can remember the handmade moon cakes in their childhood? Speaking of the old moon cake, the highest reputation in Yantai, the best taste is nothing more than the Yantai office cafeteria moon cake. In the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the Phoenix Mountain Hotel invited Xianglong office canteen cakes master to bring a lively and interesting class handmade moon cake, moon cake production skills, at the end of the course, you can also put the hand made moon cake sent to friends and family, think is not very happy?

     The moon cake is one of the famous Chinese traditional cakes, the Mid Autumn Festival custom. The moon cakes are round and round, and they eat together, symbolizing reunion and harmony. Ancient moon cakes were served as sacrifices to the Mid Autumn Festival. It is said that the custom of eating moon cakes on the mid autumn festival began in the Tang Dynasty. Popular in the court when the Northern Song Dynasty, after the spread to folk, then known as the "cookie" and "group". The development of the Ming Dynasty became a common food custom that was bought by the whole people. Moon cake and local food and food customs integration, and also developed wide, Beijing style, Soviet style, tide style, Yunnan style moon cake, people in the north and south of China love.

Usually, mom and dad are busy with their work. The meals at home are usually done by the old people. They seldom have time to roast food with their children. This year's Mid Autumn Festival, the whole family mobilizes all the time, and this is a good opportunity to taste delicious food and feel affection.

Venue: Phoenix Mountain Hotel Yantai (Laishan District Tong Road No. 19, 50, 58 bus ride to the station to get off Lin Lu Tong)
Time of activity: 9:00 a.m., September 24th - 11:00 a.m.
Expenses: 30 yuan per person (including site fee, material fee, etc., with a leisure passport with 20 yuan / person discount)
Competition reward: it will be selected by the micro organization of the tourist officials. According to the number of Internet ballot, the final award will be evaluated 1, the two prize is 1, and the three prize is 1.
September 24th parent DIY moon cake activity process
One, 9:00 hotel lobby group, by the staff to lead the people to visit the Phoenix Mountain Hotel.
Two, 9:20, Yun Shen bar, the host simply introduces the production process and the required attention and evaluation criteria. The production time is 30 minutes, each group limited one parent to accompany, making a jin of moon cake (4).
Three, 9:50 to send the moon cake into the oven (20 minutes), during the interactive game.
Four, 10:15 moon cake production completion, photographic retention annotation, published online evaluation, the vote ended in September 30th, October 2nd published evaluation results.
First prize prize: 268 yuan of Phoenix Royal moon cake gift box, two tickets for the magneto mountain hot spring

Two prize: the value of 238 yuan, a phoenix moon cake, Kunyushan two tickets

Three prize prize: 98 yuan Fenghuang manual old moon cake gift box, two tickets for Zhang Yujiu Culture Museum

Take part in the prizes: the top 30 entries, the value of 10 yuan, the Phoenix Pavilion Pavilion ticket, the Laiyang Cretaceous Geological Museum ticket, the top 5 entries plus the value of 12 yuan, Phoenix handmade old moon cake (1 jin).

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