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The inaugural meeting of the first Council of Yantai Fisheries Research Institute was held in Phoenix Mountain Hotel
Publisth Date:2017-08-09 Views:158

     In July 28, 2017, the inaugural meeting of the first Yantai Fisheries Research Institute Council was held at the Phoenix Mountain Hotel multi-purpose hall, marking the Yantai Fisheries Research Institute corporate governance structure construction has taken a decisive step, to open a new chapter in the management system and operation mechanism.

    Deputy director of the municipal office, Song Junming institution of supervision and Management Bureau Director Wang Shijian, municipal science and Technology Bureau deputy researcher Qu Lianbo and the Institute of marine resources and environment song Jing chairman attended the meeting, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of ocean and Fisheries Song Jihua presided over the meeting.

    The first meeting by the Deputy Secretary Song Jihua read the notice on the establishment of the Yantai municipal Party Committee Bureau of Fisheries Research Institute of the first Council and council members, and issued a letter of appointment as director of external.

     The first Yantai Fisheries Research Institute executive director Comrade Chen Xiangtang on behalf of the Council and the work stand to speak, that will be in accordance with the relevant requirements of the municipal government, under the correct leadership of the higher authorities, and constantly improve the corporate governance construction of Yantai Fisheries Research Institute of the operating mechanism, ensure that the whole of the work in accordance with the corporate governance the structure of the model is carried out smoothly. And take the corporate governance structure construction as an opportunity, and constantly improve scientific research and innovation, technical support, public service and scientific management capabilities.

    The establishment of the Deputy Secretary Song Jihua on behalf of the bureau Party committee of Yantai Fisheries Research Institute of the first Council of warm congratulations, and puts forward three suggestions: a practical significance to correctly understand the Scientific Research Institute of the construction of corporate governance structure, to cut into the point of innovation and breakthrough point; two according to the "three to strengthen" the principle of strengthening the leadership of the party and to provide organizational guarantee for the healthy development of the cause; three to accurately grasp the autonomy of the reform with scientific research institutions, scientific research institutions to stimulate the vitality of the development.

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