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Conference on water exploration in water shortage area of Shandong Bureau of Geology and mineral resources held in Phoenix Mountain Hotel
Publisth Date:2017-08-09 Views:158

     On July 24th -26, the Shandong Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources held a conference on emergency drought control and water finding in the water shortage area in the multi-function hall of Yantai Phoenix Mountain Hotel, and studied and deployed the emergency water search work

      Groundwater has the characteristics of good water quality, dynamic stability, safety and reliability. It has been the main water supply source for urban and rural life and industry and agriculture in Shandong. At present, the amount of groundwater exploitation accounts for 56.3% of the local water supply. This year, a number of cities and villages in the province there have been water supply crisis, drinking water problems and other difficulties. To this end, the Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral in the past is not good, relatively lower level of study area to carry out high-quality groundwater resources survey and evaluation work, as of now, the new discovery and delineation of underground water quality water areas and water storage structures of a total of 78, estimated daily exploitation quantity will exceed 2 million cubic meters, equivalent to 1.7 (Daming Lake according to the calculation of water storage capacity of 1 million 200 thousand cubic meters) of Daming lake..

     Jiaodong area delineated the exploitation of underground water can meet the 21 population of 5 million Chiyongshui demand

      Jiaodong area is a key area of the survey quality evaluation of groundwater resources, the geological conditions are complex, groundwater resource poor, over the years mainly depends on the surface and the external water supply reservoir. In recent years, the continuous drought led to most of the reservoirs dry or near dead storage, and mountain shallow groundwater in plain area are mostly polluted by nitrate, water not suitable for drinking, if no effective rainfall in recent times larger, is likely to aggravate the water crisis.

     This year, the Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of relevant experts and staff summary structure in the Jiaodong area combing water control rules and the water rich area, reservoir structure formation mechanism, field investigation, verification of existing sources of water quality status and exploitation potential, were investigated and the delineation of new water rich area and water storage structure. A total of delineation of groundwater enrichment areas and high quality water storage structure 21. Among them, 8 potential water sources have been identified, and 13 new water rich areas have been found and delineated. The quality of underground water exploitation amount will reach 500 thousand cubic meters, nearly 5 million of the population in urban and rural areas can meet the water demand draft, it is very important to solve the water crisis in Jiaodong area.

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